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Adept V+ service manual

The most common commands in Adept V+ for handling of variables, signals, files, NFS, debugger and error trapping.

Open and save locally.

IZIFinder2 - search program for programmers

Search for words and which chapters/programs they are found in. 

I.e. list in which programs a variable is used/a program called etc., chapter = the program title lines typical text. 

-Search with jokers - "?" for one character and "*" for several or none.

-Search hit list with chapter and line hit, can be copied fully Excel compatible with right click

-Combo/dropdown for all entries - possible to select previously done searches again.

-Preset selections of chapters/program formats (for Adept V+ , ABB (S4 onward), VB, etc.)

 Also possible to create new chapter/program start/end formats.

-Self-instructive Tool-tips for respective entry field/function.

-Autofocus on list - mouse over list scrolls list without click. 

-Scroll of code around line hit - right click desired line and then scroll.

-Logical TAB-order for easy navigation with keys.

-Pure .NET (for you allergic to VB)

(.NET runtime may need to be installed)

Download IZIFinder2 (Windows)

PScreen - easy-to-use screen dump

To rectify/remove errors/error causes is very much facilitated by correct information.

A screen dump can give information about the alarms and the status of the system when the error occurred.

It is a lot easier and more secure then making notes and easy to e-mail.

But ordinary screen dump leads to a lot of questions:

-Press Print Screen  - how? - what to press - which keys?

-OK found the keys to press for print screen - where does it go?

-Oh yeah in cut and paste memory - Paste where?

-In Paint - and then what?

-Save - what should the file be called?

-Save - where?

PScreen solves all these questions in one click.

-An icon on the desktop which can be put on the quick start.

-Saves in directory "Pictures\PScreen".

-The image file gets date and time (incl. sec) as name. Avoids mixing up different error occasions, even after edit.

-Possibillity to preview image before select to save or not - otherwise saved automatically after 10 seconds.

Version works in XP w.o. latest servicepack. (.NET 2)

Download PScreen

Download PScreen incl .NET

SerialPort - serial communication analysis

Select port in list with "Friendly names" to easily find the right one.

Select Baud, number of data bits, parity, number of stop bit, handshake.

Lists HEX, Dec, characters, bits.

Shows signal status on pins for 9/24-pole D-sub.

Coming soon...